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The Voice that Influenced a Nation with Karlis Streips | S2 Ep7

June 11, 2022 Ance Vanaga / Karlis Streips Season 2 Episode 7
Conversations with My Mind: The Learning Podcast
The Voice that Influenced a Nation with Karlis Streips | S2 Ep7
Show Notes

A conversation with Karlis Streips has been on my mind since I decided to launch my own podcast. What held me back was finding the right moment and the right topic to speak about. Where does one start with such a living legend as Karlis? He is a journalist, who has influenced many political conversations in Latvia, has been a voice of The Eurovision Song Contest and The Oscars and has participated in many historic events in Latvia, including the restoration of its independence, setting up the Latvian National Television and the very first Baltic Pride. His personal story is equally fascinating as both of his parents are children of Latvian refugees, who had to flee our country in WW2 to save themselves from being killed.

It finally felt right to approach Karlis as he is a brilliant person to provide an insight into very important historic and also current events and through his experience he is able to share some powerful advice.

In this episode we cover how it was to grow up as a Latvian in the United States, how the Latvian community has kept our traditions and language alive throughout the decades, how Karlis decided to follow his roots that led him to Latvia and what made him stay. We also speak about the most memorable moments of his career, his support to the LGBTQ+ community and we finish with an advice to all of us out there supporting refugees fleeing from war zones across the world.

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A few mentions that might need clarification:

Čikāgas Piecīši Band - ‘The Chicago Five’ is a well-known Latvian refugee band that has been performing since the 60’s. They have participated in numerous events in Latvia leading up to the restoration of the independence and have been continuously returning to perform after.

Garezers in Michigan - Garezers is a Latvian summer camp and culture centre that aims to preserve Latvian language and culture by bringing together youth from around the United States and Canada since 1965.

Children’s Magazine Mazputniņš - ‘The Little Bird’, a historically well known monthly magazine for the Latvian children living outside Latvia that was published in the United States. 

His latest TV Show ‘Vēlais ar Streipu’ - ‘The Late Night with Streips’ is an entertaining and satirical nightly news show

Kurzeme - one of the 4 regions of Latvia